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House Rules

1. Any product listed must be handmade, produced or manufactured on the island of Ireland. 2. We encourage you to communicate with the buyer by using message box. Say hello, let them know you received their order and when to expect delivery. 2. Acknowledge orders within 24hours. 3. All listings and photographs must be true to description. Images used must be clearly visible and an accurate representation of the product being sold. We would encourage the use of a white background. If your need any help or support with your photography, please contact us at – we will help! 4. Please read our terms of use before agreeing to sign up 5. Our list of prohibited items can be found here 6. The safety of our site, our sellers and our buyers are of utmost importance to us – all products will be verified before being published. This is to secure the products on the site and to make sure the rules are not broken. 7. Bad behaviour, misleading/ false information, bullying of any form will not be tolerated – your account will be suspended without warning. This rule also applies when using our forum and social network. 8. The 10% commission fee is inclusive of all charges including pay pal and stripe fees. 9. Please fully comply with sale of goods and supply of services act which you can access here.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

• Adult only material and nudity • Advertisements • Alcohol • Animals and wildlife products • Counterfeit currency and stamps • Counterfeit items, replicas and unauthorised copies • Credit cards • Data banks, mailing lists and personal information • Drugs and drug paraphernalia • Firearms, weapons and military items • Fireworks and kit for their implementation • Goods from embargoed countries • Government, transit and shipping-related items, government documents, IDs and licenses • Hazardous materials • Human remains, human organs and body parts • Hate items • Lock-picking and locksmithing devices • Lotteries and giveaways • Medicines, medical devices and healthcare products • Offensive material • Real estate • Recalled items • Second-hand clothing • Software • State or public agencies ownerships, artistic, historical and archaeological properties • Stocks and other securities • Stolen property and property with removed serial numbers • Tickets • Tobacco

It's All Irish Frequently Asked Questions

We make payments easy & secure for both
you and your customer. Buyers can choose
to pay via Stripe or PayPal. Vendors receive
payments via PayPal only.

When it comes to our pricing, we value
transparency. Each vendor will be subject to:

  • 10% commission fee on each sale (inclusive
    of PayPal/Stripe fees)
  • €20 annual registration fee

Don’t worry! It can take up to 24 hours for
your products to go live on our website.
We can only publish your store once
registration has been fully completed. Please
check that all fields have been filled out and
the details given are correct.

It is your responsibility to clearly state your
returns/ exchange policy on your store. Please
familiarise yourself with all applicable
consumer law guidelines. You can find some
helpful information on EU Consumer Rights

We understand that for some items,
materials may need to be imported, and that’s
completely reasonable.
However, to honour our ethos of
championing “made in Ireland”, we require all
businesses to be registered in Ireland, and we
ask all sellers to ensure that each product
listed has been physically made in Ireland.

Anything that is listed for sale on It’s all Irish must be handmade/ made by you, produced or manufactured on the island of Ireland. It’s all Irish is built on trust; it is your responsibility to make sure your items listed are in compliance with It’s all Irish policies. 

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